Daniel Yost: Originally from Santa Fe, Argentina, Daniel is a multidisciplinary musician with expertise in choral conducting, pedagogy and stringed-instrument making. He is the founder of Cultural Bridges, a space of exchange in which diverse vocal and instrumental groups from various countries, including Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil have the opportunity to communicate and interact.

His career as choir director includes the direction of opera choruses in Aida, Il Campanello and The Magic Flute. He has conducted choirs for more than 20 years in San Carlos Centro, Santo Tomé, Santa Fe, Esperanza, Matilde, Colonia Belgrano and Colonia López. As guest conductor, he has directed the Choir of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires, the Choir Martina in Colombia, and Coral Da Procergs in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

In addition to conducting, he has given lectures and conferences in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia on the topics of medieval stringed-instrument making and the works of Carlos Guastavino, one of the most important choral composers in Argentina in the twentieth century..

Daniel currently lives in the USA where he directs the choir of the St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Syracuse, New York. He has been participating in concerts and events for Schola Cantorum of Syracuse, La Casita Cultural Center, The Corinthian Club, Grupo Axa, Setnor School of Music at Syracuse University and Canton University, among others. He is co-curator of the exhibition “Fusion Caribe” at La Casita , for which he built various devices and musical instruments from the Caribbean area, the highlight of which was the construction of the first Mayohuacan (ritual drum of the Taino Indians) in Syracuse. With Tropos he has conducted the children’s workshop La Orquesta at La Casita. He is in charge of the construction, maintenance and repair of the instruments that Tropos uses in concerts and exhibitions.